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January 08, 2018

Happy New Year – Briar Patch in 2018

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2018, I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all of our wonderful customers. With your support and patronage, the Briar Patch continues to thrive. We are saddened to hear of the multiple stores across California who have been forced to close their doors in 2017 due to increased taxes, rent, and legislation. FDA legislation are rules are still looming, but we are hopeful for the success of the current lawsuit to address the FDA intrusion into the premium tobacco business.

In 2017, the Briar Patch has survived the increased taxes, losing one of our locations, and impending legislation. We have increased our hours at the Downtown location to accommodate the growth, and will continue to evaluate our offerings to best serve you. Without your support, the success of the Briar Patch would not be possible. We look forward to a successful 2018 in the cigar and tobacco business!

Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful 2018.

Happy Smoking!

Lauren Michelson
Owner, Briar Patch

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May 03, 2017

Downtown will remain OPEN. Loehmann’s Plaza lease lost.

The Briar Patch Team is dismayed to inform you that, after eight years, our landlord has elected to not renew our lease at our Loehmann’s store location on Fair Oaks Boulevard. Our Downtown location will continue to operate as usual, along with our web presence at www.briarpatch.biz. The Loehmann’s location is scheduled to close in Mid-June, after the Father’s Day Holiday.

For our customers who reside in the outlying areas of Sacramento who do not want to make the trek into downtown Sacramento, we will be offering a new free shipping service for you. If you reside within approximately 25 miles of Sacramento, we will ship orders over $20 and weighing up to a pound, for FREE!

We will continue to offer monthly events at our Downtown location, including our Pipe Club. The Downtown storefront is smaller than the Loehmann’s location, however the lounges are comparable in size. We will continue to make improvements to assure the Briar Patch serves all your tobacco related needs. We will also continue to validate parking for the garage at 10th & L Street.

With the unknown pressures of the Prop 56 tax increase, we will not be opening a replacement store this year. Once the tobacco market in California stabilizes after this significant tax increase, we will re-assess our store locations and offerings.

We promise to make this transition as smooth as possible for you, our valued customers. We look forward to continuing to be the premier tobacconist of the greater Sacramento region for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



The Michelson Family

Briar Patch Owners

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May 28, 2016

New J. Deschaine Pipes!

We have some GORGEOUS new pipes in by Jim Deschaine. Jim’s pipes always sell fast, so if you see one you like, make sure to purchase it before someone else does! All of the pipes are located at our Loehmann’s location in our American Pipe Makers section.

They will also be up on our website by the end of the day today at:


April 26, 2016

New Website!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our new website. We have done a complete overhaul of our website and online ordering system. We hope you like our new look!

Please make sure to create a new account on the website. Unfortunately, we are not able to carry over your old login credentials and account. Simply click ‘Register’ in the upper right hand corner to create a new account. This way we can assure all of your information is safe and correct.

We have added a new events feature to the website. Click on events to see our current calendar of upcoming events.

We are adding new products daily! Make sure to check back often to see the additions.

We are still waiting on a couple updates to the website plug ins, so please bear with us as we continue to update the website to make it better for you! Currently, the tobacco discounts are not being calculated in the cart, however we are adding those discounts back in before we process your credit card. We expect a fix for this within the next 8 to 10 weeks.


Please give us any feedback you have so we can continue to make the website better.


Thank you,

Lauren Michelson

General Manager







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January 23, 2016

The End of an Era

A tradition in Arden Fair Mall for over 40 years, the Briar Patch has survived four owners, smoking bans and huge tobacco tax increases. Designed to look like an old English tobacco shop, the Briar Patch has been a Sacramento favorite for generations.

With the changes in tobacco tax law and increased restrictions on where cigar and pipe smokers could enjoy their pastime it became apparent we needed a larger space. The Briar Patch needed an area where our customers could enjoy a cigar or smoke their pipe in comfort, and without hassle from non-smokers. We tried unsuccessfully for several years to get Arden Fair Mall to move the Briar Patch to a larger space where we could add a smoking lounge.

In 2009 we opened a new store in Loehmann’s Plaza with nearly four times the space of our original store, and sporting seating in the store, outside and a private lounge. Last June we opened another store downtown, at 11th St and L St. While smaller than the Loehmann’s Plaza store, the downtown store also has a beautiful private lounge.

Our lease on the Arden Fair Mall store expires at the end of January. We will not be renewing it. With some sadness we are announcing the planned closure of our Arden Fair Mall location near the end of this month. We will be pleased to serve you at either our Loehmann’s Plaza or our Downtown location after the Arden Fair Mall store is closed. Both locations are larger, much more comfortable and you will continue to receive our world class service.

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January 23, 2016

Briar Patch Pipe Club Meeting for February

The Briar Patch Pipe Club will meet at the Loehmann’s Plaza store (in the lounge) from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 12th. Come to enjoy some complimentary pipe tobaccos donated by Briar Patch and enjoy chatting about all things pipes. Bear in mind that there are no dues or fees for club participation! Also, women are especially invited to participate at every club meeting, but even more so on this pre-Valentine’s Day meeting!

Agenda items for the February 12th meeting includes:

  1. One of the seasoned pipe smokers from among the Briar Patch staff will talk about his/her favorite pipes and tobaccos for a few minutes and answer any questions from the participants.
  2. Enjoy a couple of tobaccos compliments of the Briar Patch.
  3. Enjoy some chocolate treats compliments of your club president, Paul.

RSVP not necessary. If you have any questions, though, contact the president of the Pipe Club (Paul Woodward; cell number is 916-838-2108).

See our calendar for other events

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January 19, 2016

November Staff Cigar Picks

The Briar Patch staff cigar picks for November are in! If you haven’t already tried these great cigars, stop by the Briar Patch today to experience them for yourself!


ATABEY - BRUJOSAnnounced by Two Guys Smoke shop on Superbowl Sunday to be the best cigar of 2013, the Atabey cigar is a special creation by Nelson Alfonso. The Atabey cigar is handmade in limited quantities from the highest quality tobaccos from the Caribbean and Central America. This is the kind of cigar that no cigar enthusiast will want to miss.


SECOND GROWTHThe Second Growth cigar is filled with Honduran and Dominican tobaccos surrounded by a hybrid Ecuadorian-Habano wrapper. When first smoked, these cigars possess aromas of fruit and lend flavors of wood, chocolate, and leather, until the flavor profile becomes slightly creamy. The Second Growth cigars have a perfect draw and are packed in unique wooden boxes made from wine barrels. Second Growth cigars were blended specifically to pair with fine red wine, so try one with your favorite bottle! You will be amazed at how the cigar opens the wine and vice versa.


SMOKING JACKET - TORO MAGNOHendrik Kelner, Jr., son of Davidoff Cigars company president Henke Kelner, is the mastermind behind the Smoking Jacket cigar. Created at Kelner’s factory in the Dominican Republic, the Toro Magno and Robusto Imperial sizes are wrapped in a Brazilian Cubra leaf.


L'ATELIER - 56L’Atelier is a newer brand of cigars within the Tatuaje profile, blended and rolled by the My Father Cigars Factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. L’Atelier pays homage to the Cuban Cohiba Behike. Offered in a 52, 54, and 56 ring gauge with a pigtail, l’Atelier is a medium-full-bodied cigar using all Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos with an Ecuadorian wrapper.


DAVIDOFF NICARAGUA - TORODavidoff master blenders, led by Hendrik “Henke” Kelner, went on an exploration for a new type of blend that would stimulate both the bitter and sweet taste buds. This relentless pursuit took them to Nicaragua and the fiery volcanic soil of the Estelí, Condega, Jalapa, and Ometepe regions.

With time, patience, and perseverance, the team crafted the Davidoff Nicaragua. With 10 years of preparation, curing, and aging, the Davidoff Nicaragua delivers an exceptional blend with all the intensity, excitement, and refined sophistication aficionados would expect from Davidoff. Handmade in Davidoff’s Dominican facilities, its quality and exceptional craftsmanship are unsurpassed.


ROOM 101 NAMAKUBI - SUCIOThe Room 101 Namakubi series of cigars features a Habano wrapper, Generoso-seed Honduran binder, and Dominican and Honduran Vuelta Abajo fillers. This smoke is medium- to full-bodied. It is strong without being too much on the palate; the presence of spice is more subtle.

The name of the line comes from the Samurai culture, where in ancient times, two Samurai clans would gather for competition. Normally, the losing party would die as a result of the wounds sustained in battle or be executed upon defeat. The Namakubi, or “freshly severed head” of the losing party, would be prepared on a wooden tray then tagged in a regimented manner and presented to the leader of the winning clan as a gift.


DIAMOND CROWN MAXIMUS - NO. 4Diamond Crown Maximus cigars represent the apogee of cigar craftsmanship in a full-bodied compliment to the original Diamond Crown series. Created for J.C. Newman by Tabacalera A. Fuente, a dark natural Ecuadorian wrapper surrounds a robust blend of patiently cured and aged Dominican tobaccos for a rich, complex, and perfectly balanced smoke. These limited-production cigars are presented in uniquely designed chests of 20 cigars that form the letter ‘M’ or in 5-packs.


J.D. HOWARD RESERVE - HR52The J.D. Howard Reserve, along with all of the other Crowned Heads projects, is created by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo at his Tabacalera La Alianza S.A. Factory in the Dominican Republic. The blend consists of a dark, Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.

An impressive homage to the infamous Jesse James, J.D. Howard was the alias that James used while trying to live a normal life following an 1876 bank robbery in Minnesota that resulted in the death or arrest of several of his associates. James made his new life in Nashville, the home to Crowned Heads.

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January 18, 2016

Wrapping a Cigar

While the rolling of a cigar is a delicate process, the wrapping of a cigar is even more so. Wrapping is the most challenging aspect of the cigar making process and requires much care, diligence and talent.

The first step of cigar wrapping is preparing the glue to be used on the tobacco leaves. This glue or paste, usually referred to as vegetable gum, is made from vegetable starch powder and water. The vegetable gum is flavorless and odorless, and it is an easy way for rollers to keep the tobacco wrapper leaves bound to the rolled cigar.

The next step is to place the tobacco wrapper leaf on a flat surface. A small amount of the vegetable gum is applied to the wrapper and the rolled cigar is carefully situated onto the wrapper leaf.

Wrapping a cigar requires many tiny, precise movements of the hand. The wrapper must be expertly twisted, spread and constantly adjusted to keep the wrapper leaf tight and to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing cigar possible.

The wrapping process is essentially an art. It is difficult to describe all of the details of this process, so it may be beneficial to refer to this video link for more information on this process: http://www.tobacconistuniversity.org/tobacco-college/apm-rolling4.asp.

Once the wrapping is complete, either a cap is placed on thehead of the cigar or the protruding end of the wrapper is carved and glued to finish the head. Lastly, the cigars are placed to age for at least 21 days before being sold.

We hope that this series on the Making of Cigars was informative to cigar smokers everywhere! Stay tuned for more upcoming articles related to cigars, pipes and tobacco and be sure to visit the nearest Briar Patch Sacramento Cigar Shop for the latest products!

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January 17, 2014

July Staff Cigar Picks

The Briar Patch staff cigar picks for July are in! This month we feature the selections of Ron Michelson! If you haven’t already tried these great cigars, stop by the Briar Patch today to experience them for yourself!

Davidoff – Special T

Davidoff – Special TThe Davidoff Special T cigars are made from the finest, 4-year-aged Dominican tobaccos surrounded by a Connecticut wrapper. These medium cigars are robust and creamy, with an enticing aroma. The Special T cigars carry the Davidoff tradition of high quality, balanced flavors loved by all.

Hammer and Sickle – Hermitage

Hammer and Sickle – HermitageHandmade in the Dominican Republic, the Hermitage boasts of an incredibly smooth smoke, with hints of a creamy spiciness. This medium-bodied cigar is filled with three year old tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and bound with a five year old wrapper. The Hermitage is a well-balanced cigar with an outstanding finish that will leave every cigar lover completely satisfied.

Diamond Crown Julius Caesar – Toro

Diamond Crown Julius Caesar – ToroThe Julius Caesar cigar a new release in the J.C. Newman line, created to honor Julius Caesar Newman himself. This cigar is made from rare Dominican tobaccos that have been aged for five years and wrapped with Ecuadorian Havana wrappers. The Julius Caesar is smooth, creamy and medium-bodied.

Atabey – Divinos

Atabey – DivinosAnnounced by Two Guys Smoke Shop on Superbowl Sunday to be the best cigar of 2013, the Atabey cigar is a special creation by Nelson Alfonso. The Atabey cigar is handmade in limited quantities from the highest quality tobaccos from the Caribbean and Central America. This is the kind of cigar that every cigar enthusiast will not want to miss.

Byron – Poemas

Byron - PoemasOriginally crafted in 1848 by Jose and Euseblo Alfonso, the Byron cigars were created to honor the English poet Lord Byron, famous for his romantic works of art. Completely handcrafted, every tobacco leaf is specifically chosen and separated for each individual cigar. After the cigars are rolled, they are allowed to age and marry flavors for an entire year, producing a cigar that possesses smoking qualities like no other. These premium cigars are sold in sets held in exquisite porcelain jars.

Paul Stulac Red Screaming Sun – Toro

Paul Stulac Red Screaming Sun – ToroHandmade from Nicaraguan tobaccos and Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers, this Paul Stulac packs a bold flavor. The sweet taste of wood, light spices and a creaminess that almost hints at vanilla and cocoa, builds and intensifies as the cigar is smoked, leaving every cigar smoking lover wanting more of this complex Paul Stulac flavor.

Second Growth

Second GrowthThe Second Growth cigar is filled with Honduran and Dominican Republic tobaccos surrounded by a hybrid Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. When first smoked, these cigars possess aromas of fruit and lend flavors or wood, chocolate and leather, until the flavor profile becomes slightly creamy. The Second Growth cigars have a perfect draw and are packed in unique wooden boxes made from wine barrels. Second Growth cigars were blended specifically to go with wine. Try one with your favorite bottle. You will be amazed how the cigar opens the wine and vice versa.

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